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Have fun with the girls, get results while still at the party!!

body wraps party

See results within 45 minutes.

What is a Body Wrap Party?

It Works! Wrap parties are unlike any home spa or product party you've ever been a part of. You and your friends will have fun, laugh, and most of all, get results right at the party! Not only will you get proven results to your body but you also can earn some cash just for throwing the party. If you have been looking for a fun business to get involved with then you have found it. You don't have to have a ton of inventory or spend a lot of money to throw your own wrap party. It is so easy and quick to get started.

How Does it Work??

Sign Up as a Distributor - This is so you can get our wraps at wholesale prices and make extra money for selling them yourself as well. To become a distributor you will need to get the Business Builder Kit (Contains Party Wrap Instruction Kit by email which includes all forms and info to get started) which is $99. You can then order body wraps at wholesale prices (approx 45% off)

You Can Now Host a Wrap Party - Once you have registered as a distributor, you can make cash and get all the great discount benefits on our products. You can collect orders up front from your wrap party guests if you want. (You can order the wraps from your backoffice once you are a distributor or you can order the amount you need at the time of sign up.)
We sell wraps at $25 - $30/each at wrap parties! You can collect this in advance from your friends before the party to make sure you buy enough wraps for the party.

- Send invitations out quickly and easily for your wrap party via:

Before The Wrap Party you may want to learn all about the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap. - Ultimate Body Applicator Product Sheet pdf

Want to see a wrap party? Watch the video below to see a wrap party in action.

Not only will you look great and have a good time with friends but you can also potentially earn a lot of cash $$. Here is what an average Distributor earns on a monthly basis. We can explain how all this works in a matter of minutes.

average earnings for it works wraps

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